Constitution and By-law-laws
University of Georgia
Choral Association
of the
American Choral Directors Association
The University of Georgia Choral Association

Office of Choral Activities
School of Music
250 River Road
Athens, GA 30602
Adopted: January 2004
Redrafted: January 2013

Article I: Name and Purpose

1.01 The name of this organization shall be the University of Georgia Choral Association of the American Choral Directors Association. (UGACA)

1.02 This Student Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association is an integral part of the National American Choral Directors Association, and shall be governed by the professional and financial policies laid down in the National Constitution of the American Choral Directors Association.

1.03 The Purpose of the UGACA shall be to promote excellence in the field of choral music and to support and encourage the activities of the UGA Vocal and Choral ensembles.

1.03.01 Choral ensembles shall include UGA Hodgson Singers, University Chorus, African American Choral Ensemble, Women's Glee Club, and Men's Glee Club.

1.03.02 An Ensemble shall be a university-sponsored course where students enrolled receive University course credit and are assigned a faculty member to oversee the course.

1.03 This constitution will act in the capacity of a governing document and shall supersede all other Choral Association documents.

1.04 All members shall be made aware of and follow all University of Georgia policies and procedures regarding Student Organizations and their associated policies.

Article II: Membership

2.01 Membership in the UGACA shall be open to all members of the UGA community who are interested in providing support and leadership for all choral ensembles and have a serious interest in the improvement of choral music.

2.01.01 At least fifty percent (50%) of the total membership in the UGACA shall consist of full-time University of Georgia students as per the UGA Student Activities guidelines for student organizations. Full time students shall be defined as an undergraduate enrolled in at least twelve (12) semester hours or a graduate student enrolled in at least nine (9) semester hours.

2.01.02 Nondiscrimination Clause: Membership shall not be denied to any person based on race, age, gender, religion, mental or physical challenges, national origin, or any other UGA stipulated condition.

2.02 There shall be two types of membership in the UGACA: general organization members and American Choral Director Associations members. Both of these memberships can be broken down into voting members and nonvoting members.

2.02.01 A general member is classified as anyone enrolled in a University ensemble. All members of all ensembles are automatically general members of the UGACA and are entitled to organization benefits.

2.02.02 ACDA members are classified as general members who pay National ACDA dues. These members are entitled to all ACDA benefits in addition to general organization benefits.

2.02.03 Voting members shall be all members who attend at least 50% of the UGACA meetings each semester. Voting members may attend and cast votes at meetings, will be counted in quorum, may run for and hold office, and may be assigned to committees. Special circumstances regarding this clause will be decided on an individual basis.

2.02.04 Nonvoting members shall consist of the members who do not attend at least 50% of the meetings each semester. These members may attend meetings but may not cast votes at meetings, be counted in quorum, run for and hold office, or be assigned to committees.

Article III: Meetings

3.01 The UGACA shall meet on a regular basis to share information, plan activities, and foster an atmosphere of collegiate fellowship and support among its members.

3.01.01 The time, date and occurrence of regularly called meetings shall be decided upon at the first called meeting of the membership and will be set at the discretion of the association members.

3.01.02 The President shall call the first meeting of each semester.

3.02 The President may call special meetings or cancel regularly called meetings with the approval of a majority of the Executive Council.

3.02.01 At least 24 (twenty-four) hours notice must be given to members to call a special meeting unless the Executive Council is in unanimous consent of the decision.

3.02.02 A sincere attempt must be made to contact each voting member of the association immediately upon calling a special meeting or canceling a regularly scheduled meeting.

3.03 To maintain order and decorum, the following parliamentary procedures shall be used in Association meetings.

3.03.01 The Current issue of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the parliamentary procedure of Association meetings unless otherwise stated in this Constitution or By-laws.

3.03.02 Quorum for a regularly called meeting shall be fifty percent (50%) of voting membership, not including written proxies, plus the presiding officer. Quorum for any special meeting shall be fifty percent (50%) of voting membership, not including written proxies, plus the presiding officer. No Business shall be conducted without a quorum.

3.03.03 Only votes cast by a voting member, present at the time of the vote or submitted, as a signed proxy prior to the vote shall be honored.

3.03.04 Every voting member shall be eligible to vote and participate in discussion at the UGACA meetings. The President may only vote in any circumstance where his/her vote will affect the vote total. He/she may also vote for all officer elections.

3.03.05 All voting shall be counted by show of hands unless another method is requested and approved by the Association or another form is mandated by this constitution.

Article IV: Finances

4.01 All monies received shall be deposited into the University of Georgia Student Account established for the University of Georgia Choral Association or into a private, non-profit account outside the University set up by the Association, and overseen by the Treasurer.

4.02 All expenditures will be conducted in a manner consistent with the rules and regulations of the University of Georgia Student Activities Association with the Association President and Treasurer listed as signatories for the appropriate Check Requests and Purchase Orders.

4.03 All fundraising events and expenses must be approved by a majority vote of the Association.

4.04 A receipt must accompany all requests for reimbursements. In order to be reimbursed for Association related expenses; a member must present a receipt to the Treasurer within 30 days of the purchase. If a member fails to do so, the member shall not be reimbursed.

4.05 The fiscal year of the UGACA shall be from July 1 to June 30.

4.06 The income of the Association shall be derived from fundraising ventures established by the membership and from the funds issued by the Franklin College Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee.

Article V: Officers

5.01 The guidelines for Officer Elections shall be as follows:

5.01.01 Voting members shall be eligible to serve as officers.

5.01.02 A member cannot occupy two elected offices at the same time.

5.01.03 The Elected Officers of the Association shall be as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

5.01.04 Voting members in good standing shall elect new officers at a regular meeting a month before the end of the academic year. Nominations for each office shall be made from the floor beginning two weeks prior to the election date. The order of nominations and elections shall be as listed in Article 5.01.03

5.01.05 Newly elected officers shall be installed at a regularly scheduled Association meeting preceding the end of the academic year.

5.01.06 All officer elections shall be by secret ballot. A majority favorable vote is needed to elect an officer. Should no majority exist a runoff election will be held with the two members with the highest percentages of votes. The runoff shall follow the same election procedures as the regular election.

5.01.07 Each officer shall serve without compensation for a period of one academic year unless otherwise stipulated.

5.01.08 All departing officers shall be charged with supplying newly elected officers with all documents and charges pertinent to the respective office before the end of the spring term.

5.01.09 Officers having been elected at the first meeting in April shall not assume the office until the last day of Spring finals. Until that time, they will serve as an apprentice.

5.01.10 In the case of a vacancy in an Association office, the appointment of an interim is at the discretion of the Association.

5.02 Description of Elected Officers

5.02.01 The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association. He/She shall appoint all committees' membership and chairpersons and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. He/She shall sign all checks for moneys disbursed and shall sign all contracts and other instruments of business incurred. He/She shall be designated the official representative of the Association whenever such representation shall be required. He/She shall meet with the Association Faculty Advisor once a week if the Advisor's Schedule allows discussing all Association business. The President will also serve as the ambassador to the Student Advisory Council at the Hodgson School of Music, and will submit the annual status report to the National American Choral Directors Association.

5.02.02 The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, preside at all meetings. He/She shall be in charge of the Membership in the association. The Vice President shall preside over judicial matters, including internal investigations. The Vice President shall oversee all programs and service performed by the Association, and will replace the President as needed as the UGACA's representative in the Student Advisory Council.

5.02.03 The Secretary shall record the minutes of all business meetings. He/She shall maintain a permanent record of each voting member, including name, address, email address, choral ensembles and other activities. He/She shall also keep a copy of his/her reports. The Secretary shall maintain an attendance record of each voting member and shall notify voting members when they are in violation of attendance policies. A current attendance report of voting members must be presented once a month at Association meetings. He/She shall be responsible for the notification of Association members and Advisors of all meetings and activities. The Association Secretary shall email the minutes from the previous meeting to all voting members within six days after meeting. Included with the minutes shall be a list of all official Association activities for the week proceeding the minutes and a roster of which brothers where in attendance for those events.

5.02.04 The Treasurer shall control the receipts and disbursements of all moneys. He/She shall be responsible for the collection of all moneys. He/She shall report the Association's current Student Activities and private non-profit account balance and the status of the budget at each meeting during his/her officer report. He/She shall sign all checks for moneys dispersed. He/She will keep accurate records of dues and other expenses owed by the membership. The Treasurer is also responsible for organizing and brainstorming new fundraising ideas. He/She will oversee each fundraising project, be responsible for any monies earned by said project, and submit a report to the executive council at the project's conclusion.

5.02.05 The Faculty Advisor(s) will be chosen by the Association membership and be approved by the Director of Choral Activities. He/She shall be a full-time faculty or staff member.

5.03 Description of Appointed Officers

5.03.01 The Media and PR Chair is in charge of all communications between the organization and the general public. He/She shall be responsible for maintaining the Association e-mail account, which includes checking it on a regular basis, responding to messages, and forwarding messages to the appropriate members. The Media and PR Chair is also responsible for the Association Listserv, and any and all social media monitored by the Association including Facebook, Twitter, and the organizations website.

5.03.02 The ACDA Representative is tasked with ensuring that the UGACA is fulfilling its obligations to the American Choral Directors Association. The ACDA Representative organizes student workshops, master classes, reading sessions, and sponsorships to ACDA conferences. He/She also serves as the organizations ambassador to the local National Association for Music Education and American String Teachers Association chapter.

5.03.03 The Social Chair is responsible for encouraging community between the choirs. He/She will coordinating events between the ensembles and ensure that the members remain involved in the community.

5.03.04 The Webmaster shall be appointed by the Association President. He/She shall be responsible for the maintenance of the Association website, and updating it at the discretion of the Association President. He/She shall be responsible for gathering information from the Secretary for the update of the minutes and Member Directory on the website.

5.04 The Executive Council shall operate on behalf of the Association between meetings. The Executive Council is responsible for all cases of judicial review as prescribed in this Constitution. They shall discuss the operation of the Association and recommend actions to be taken by the Association.

5.04.01 The Executive Council shall be comprised of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and all of the Appointed Officers. The President shall chair the Executive Council.

5.04.02 Each member of the executive council shall receive one vote, including the President while serving as chair of the council.

5.05 The policies for the impeachment of an officer shall be as follows:

5.05.01 Impeachment shall be defined as the forced removal of an officer from their office for disciplinary causes or a failure to fulfill the duties of their office.

5.05.02 If a member wishes to motion for the impeachment of an officer, that member must present written notice of intention to motion to the association Vice-President no less than one week before the meeting the charges are to be brought forth. This notice must include the specific charges made against the officer. Upon receiving the notice of intent, the association Vice-President shall notify the officer in question, as well as the Executive Council, within 24 hours.

5.05.03 If necessary, a special meeting may be called to address the charges in according to this constitution. This meeting shall not occur less than one week after the notice to impeach is given, and shall follow all the requirements of a special meeting.

5.05.04 Once notice has been given, the motion to impeach shall be made at the next association meeting. At this time, the charges shall be presented and discussed by the association. The association shall then vote on whether to hold a Trial of Impeachment.

5.05.05 A simple majority is required to hold a Trial of Impeachment.

5.05.06 If the association elects to hold a trial, the trial shall be held at the same association meeting.

5.05.07 The procedure for the trial shall be: The Vice-President shall read the charges to the association. The member moving for impeachment shall present evidence, argument, and any necessary witnesses. The officer on trial shall present his or her defense, presenting evidence, argument, and any witnesses as needed. The association shall hold discussion and then vote. The officer being charged shall be allowed to sit in on the discussion but shall not participate other than to answer questions put forth by chapter members.

5.05.08 A 75% vote is required to impeach an officer and strip them of their office. This vote shall be by secret ballot, and the officer being charged shall be allowed to vote.

5.05.09 The officer being charged shall be notified of all meetings concerning his/her trial and shall be given the opportunity to attend those meetings.

5.05.10 If the officer in question is the Vice-President, the President shall take over all responsibilities mentioned in Article 5.05. If the President is also involved, or holds a conflict of interest, the Faculty Advisor shall take the responsibilities.

5.05.11 The officer removed from office will surrender all materials to the faculty advisor immediately.

Article VI: Committees

6.01 Committees shall be formed of voting members within the Association.

6.02 Committees shall be at the request of the committee by a majority vote.

Article VII: Amendments and By-laws

7.01 There shall be two methods of modifying this Constitution, the first by amendment as follows:

7.01.01 Any desired amendment to this Constitution must be proposed at a regularly scheduled Association meeting.

7.01.02 The amendment shall be voted upon during a Association meeting no fewer than two weeks after the proposal of an amendment.

7.01.03 An amendment shall become effective upon a two-thirds favorable vote by the members of the Association, and the approval of all parties included in Article 8.02.

7.01.04 All Passed amendments shall be written in a special section of the Constitution, labeled "Amendments," that will follow the By-laws of this Constitution.

7.02 The second method of modify this constitution, by redraft, shall be as follows:

7.02.01 When it is deemed necessary that substantial changes be made to this document, or that this Constitution should be rewritten entirely, a member may move to call for a Constitutional redraft. A favorable vote of two thirds of the voting members shall be required to pass this motion.

7.02.02 If a Constitutional redraft motion is passed by the Association, the Executive Council shall administer the redraft.

7.02.03 After the changes are made, it shall take a two-thirds favorable vote to remove this Constitution and replace it with the new one. This is in addition to any ratification requirements the new Constitution may provide.

Article VIII: Ratification

8.01 This Constitution shall be ratified after a favorable vote of two thirds of the voting members, of the Association.

8.02 Prior to its enactment, this document must be reviewed and approved by the Faculty Advisor, Director of Choral Activities, and University of Georgia Center for Student Organizations.

8.03 Upon ratification of this document, and the approval of all parties included in Article 8.02, any and all previous Constitutions of the University of Georgia Choral Association shall be null and void.

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